If you or a loved one is sick, injured or in need of long term care, you probably have questions. Today’s healthcare system is complicated, making it difficult to know what step to take next. You find yourself interacting with numerous healthcare providers, trying to remember everything the doctor has told you and hoping you understand clearly the pros and cons of treatment options. You have difficult decisions to make and healthcare benefits often complicate those decisions. You may wonder if there is any one person overseeing all aspects of your treatment and making sure you get the best possible care.

When you turn to Sydney’s Voice, you find answers to your questions and all the support you need to overcome healthcare obstacles. A registered nurse gets to know you, your situation and your needs. Your nurse gathers the best available information and explains it clearly so you understand your medical diagnosis and treatment options, providing you with the tools to make good decisions. Your nurse advocate can collaborate with your entire healthcare team on your behalf to ensure good communication and coordination of care.

With a nurse advocate on your side, you reduce stress and save time. Frustration and fear are replaced with peace of mind.