When I took over the responsibility of caring for two adult family members with special needs, I was extremely overwhelmed. Not being familiar with the ‘system’, I had no idea what the next steps were, what resources were available, or even how to make the time to get these questions answered.

I finally learned about Sydney’s Voice and talked with Danielle Belva. I knew I had found a big part of the solution. Danielle and the services that Sydney’s Voice provides have lifted a great burden and allowed me to focus more on the actual caretaking. Sydney’s Voice has provided excellent research and presentation of various options, which cover every aspect of our needs. They have done this with kindness, compassion and a working knowledge of, and experience with, the health care system. I highly recommend Sydney’s Voice to anyone who needs a guide and advocate while dealing with the issues of today’s healthcare.

– Carla

My sister, Danielle, has been one of our biggest supporters since Sydney was born. When Sydney was born and immediately taken to Riley’s Children’s Hospital, Danielle flew up to be with us. She was there to help us understand what the doctors were telling us as well as helping us know what questions to ask. Over the years she’s been there for us, helping us over the hurdles. It’s been nice having a nurse in the family. Most recently, we were told by our pharmacy that one of Sydney’s medications was being discontinued in the form she needs (it has to be given via her G-tube). This particular medication is the only thing we’ve found, after numerous other trials, that helps Sydney sleep. Knowing how important the medication is for Syd, Danielle immediately started contacting her resources in hopes of finding a solution. She found out that the pharmaceutical company still makes the medication in powder form. She then found a compounding pharmacy where we live that was able to formulate the medication into liquid form. This was quite a relief, particularly since our pharmacy had told us there were no other options.

– Amanda & Tim